Our Process

We’re with you every step of the way.

Placing your order

This is how our process works, step by step

To get started, we can initially discuss your brief over the phone and then book you in for a showroom appointment, site or home meeting, depending upon your requirements and location.

Your initial consultation

We welcome you to visit our design studio to meet the team and to see our amazing products .At the first meeting we take a full design brief and discuss your vision for the project. Following the meeting, we would prepare an initial proposal and estimate, which if you are happy to proceed allows us to start the full design process.

When we start working on your design, we sketch out the concept before applying it into our CAD software. As each room and piece of furniture item is created individually, we can ensure that each design is  perfectly proportioned to fit each space. Nothing we make is standard, it all made perfectly for you from start to finish.

Just bring your plans and/or photos and any sizes you may have, and we can sketch out some ideas to get your design, or designs, underway. We can look at finishes, paint colours and styling to make sure we understand exactly what you are looking to achieve.

Alternatively, if you prefer or require a home or site visit instead, we can of course arrange this subject to location.

Your initial design and quotation

Following our initial meeting, we will then begin the creative process of turning your brief into a design concept so we can prepare a free initial quotation for you. We would then invite you back to our design studio to see the proposal and to make any adjustments you would like before updating the quotation with any alterations.

We would then send you the free revised quotation. If at this stage you would like access to the designs to compare, we would require a design fee to do this, depending on the design work involved.

Placing your order

When you decide to proceed, we request a 10% deposit to release the designs and to confirm your order. We would then arrange a full survey, after which we would prepare completed design drawings to finalise your order and book your installation date. If we are working from building plans, we would prepare the designs subject to final measures and arrange to book a date once we have confirmation of the building schedule.

Everything Space London creates is innovatively and expertly designed and built by our skilled team who will keep you up to date every step of the process.

Preparing for  your Installation

Once the installation date is agreed we then arrange a final measure as a final check for your project. We do this as standard practice ‘measure twice, cut once’ is our policy. We also check any electrics, access points, venting, cornice and skirting details etc to make sure every aspect has been considered and allowed for.

If the project is on a building site, we would liaise with your builder/project manager to make sure the project runs smoothly from start to finish and fits with their schedule.


Installation Phase 1

The first day of installation begins with the arrival of the carpenters and the delivery of your furniture. We bring floor coverings and bring dust sheets as required. The process does involve creating some dust, but we do our best to keep this to a minimum with an extractor to hand. It is noisy having furniture fitted, you are welcome to stay and listen or you can leave us to it!

We will require space to construct the furniture and clear access to the space as the panels are usually large and heavy to carry in. We will also need to be able to park at least one van nearby to unload tools etc.

Once delivered, the team will begin assembly. It does not look much at this stage! Depending on the scope of the work, it will take a few days to take shape. You are welcome to discuss the furniture directly with the team, if you would like rail or shelf heights adjusting, just let them know, but if you need any major changes, you will need to discuss with the design team.

All of your furniture is installed by our experienced team of carpenters who are fully trained and work exclusively for us. They are a cheerful and helpful team, with great skills and take enormous pride in their work, whether in a private home or on a building site. Clean, tidy, polite and professional, treating both you and your home with respect. They will keep you informed of progress as they go.

Installation Phase 2

As each piece of furniture we make is a ‘one off’ and completely bespoke, after the initial installation there may be items that need to follow on, in order to ensure a perfect fit and finish, such as mirrors, angled doors, corner doors etc. so we book a follow on date of 2-3 weeks, depending on what is required.

After Care

Once your bespoke furniture is complete, we are here for you. If you would like any additional fittings or anything altered, just let us know and we will do our best to help. We provide an excellent package from start to finish, including a lifetime guarantee on all our hinges and drawer runners and a ten year guarantee on cabinets.

We recommend that the furniture is not kept in direct sunlight, particularly in the summer months as this can cause damage. For cleaning, water and an ‘E’ cloth or Mr Muscle window cleaner, nothing abrasive or anything that leaves chemical residue on the surface and if you have any questions, we are on hand to help.